My name is Susan Queen and together with my husband we have a small homestead in
Northeast Texas.  We homeschooled our 4 children and worked hard to raise and/or preserve
much of what we eat.  With no children left at home, my passion for goats has become a hobby.....

Our goat story began back in 1987 when we purchased our first goat and my love for them grew
from there.  That year I met Janice Frazel from Butterhill Goats and learned everything I could
from this very wise lady.  Since then we have been blessed to meet some wonderful breeders that
have given us tremendous insight and allowed us to purchase some of their goats.
Over the years we tried other breeds, but have come back to Nubians.  We began
putting our Nubian dairy herd together in 2005 and became ADGA members in
2007.  We do not currently show our goats, they are our pets and contributing
members of our homestead; however we do try to breed for the best.  We love all of
our goaties!

2012 has turned out to be one of our greatest kidding years, we are seeing the
quality of our kids improve each year.  

We also began participation in DHIR in 2013, and although we got a late start for
the year, we plan to stay on continuous testing.

God has blessed us with some wonderful animals and we pray that He will continue
to bless our little herd; without Him none of this would be possible.

"Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might..." Ecclesiastes 9:10